Jasmine L. Harris, Ph.D.

Ursinus College Department of Anthropology & Sociology

221 Bomberger Hall





  • 2013 PhD Sociology, University of Minnesota

    • Dissertation: The Negotiators: Black Professional Women, Success, and the Management of Competing Identities

    • Committee: Phyllis Moen (advisor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair), Enid Logan, Rose Brewer (African American/African Studies Department), Amy Sheldon (Linguistics Department)

  • 2006 M.S. Public Communications, Syracuse University

  • 2005 B.A. Sociology (Women’s Studies minor), Vassar College


  • 2017 PCLA/Arthur Vining Davis Teaching and Learning Award, “Learning to Map Spaces of Belonging on a Liberal Arts Campus.” $15,000

  • 2016 U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies Faculty Innovators Grant, Ursinus College $2,500

  • 2015 Teaching and Learning Institute Grant for Pedagogical Innovation, Ursinus College $500

  • 2015 Teaching and Learning Institute Grant for Pedagogical Innovation, Ursinus College $350

  • 2014 Community Engagement mini-grant, Ursinus College $300

  • 2013 Institute of Public Engagement Mini-grant, Wake Forest University $1,000

  • 2013 ACE Fellowship Award, Institute of Public Engagement, Wake Forest University $2,500

  • 2012 Augustana College Diversity Dissertation Fellowship $35,000

  • 2012 University of Minnesota CLA Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP) Fellowship $10,000

  • 2008 University of Minnesota Departmental Merit Fellowship $33,000


  • 2019 Harris, Jasmine L. “No Space Left Behind: Marginalized Identity, Belonging, and Mental Wellness at a PWI.” Presented at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

  • 2018 Harris, Jasmine L. “Uncomfortable Learning, Uncomfortable Teaching: Power, Pedagogy, and White Supremacy in the Trump-era Classroom.” Presented at the Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

  • 2017 Harris, Jasmine L. “Sex Games: Sexual Health, College Hook-Up Culture, and the Ideological Construction of Risk.” Presented at the Association of Black Sociologists Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

  • 2017 Harris, Jasmine L. “Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Communities of Color.” U.S. Bank sponsored panel participation, Minneapolis, MN.

  • 2016 Harris, Jasmine L. “The (Black) Professor: Double-Consciousness, Whiteface Performance, and the Academic Minstrel.” Presented in Public Administration Graduate Seminar, University of Central Florida.

  • 2016 Harris, Jasmine L. and Talia Argondezzi. “Community Engagement in Your Course.” Presented at Teaching and Learning Institute Workshop, Ursinus College

  • 2016 Harris, Jasmine L. “Race in America: Intersections of Poverty, Space, and Violence.” Presented at American Studies Exchange Program, Ursinus College.

  • 2016 Harris, Jasmine L. “‘Americaness’ Abroad: How our ideas about race, class, and gender may be challenged in international cultures.” Presented at Study Abroad Prep Seminar, Ursinus College.

  • 2015 Harris, Jasmine L., Sheryl Goodman, Akshaye Dhawan, and Giovanna Steyaert. “Uncomfortable Learning: Talking about Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in Our Classes.” Presented at Teaching and Learning Institute Workshop, Ursinus College.

  • 2015 Harris, Jasmine L. “Sex and Consequences: Sexual Health Practices by Race and Gender at a Predominately White Liberal Arts College.” Presented in Sexualities Roundtable section at 2015 American Sociological Association Meeting, Chicago, IL.

  • 2013 Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “On the Right Track: Black Professional Women, Cultural Tracking and Success.” Presented at Sociology Colloquium, Agnes Scott College.

  • 2012 Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Developing Research Questions: How I Moved From Personal Interest to Dissertation Topic.” Presented at Augustana College, Research Methods Senior Inquiry.

  • 2011 Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Who is Black: Race and Space at the University of Minnesota.” Presented at 2011 Young Black Scholars Series, University of Minnesota.

  • 2011 Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Ethnic Tensions among Graduate Students at the University of Minnesota,” Blog Talk Radio, interviewed by Bruce Horowitz.

  • 2010 Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “From Perversion to Pinup: How Changing Attitudes About Lesbianism Have Played Out in Advertisements.” Presented in Media Sociology section at 2010 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.



  • 2018 Harris, J. “Uncomfortable Learning: Teaching Race through Discomfort” in Difficult Subjects: Radical Teaching in the Neoliberal University, eds. Badia Ahad and Oiyan Poon.

  • 2017 Harris, J. “The (Black) Professor: Double-Consciousness, Whiteface Performance, and the Academic Minstrel” in Reflections on Academic Lives: Identities, Struggles, and Triumphs in Graduate School and Beyond, eds. Staci Zavattaro and Shannon Orr (New York: Palgrave Macmillan).

  • 2013 Harris-LaMothe, J. (2013). On the Right Track: Black Professional Women, Cultural Tracking and Success (Doctoral Dissertation) Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.

Under Review

  • 2019 Harris, Jasmine L. “The Evolution of Belonging: Space, Identity, and Culture for Marginalized Students on Predominately White College Campuses” The Journal of Belonging, Identity, Language, and Diversity

  • 2019 Harris, Jasmine L. “Black Women Talking: Using Language to Develop Bonds During Interview Data Collection between Black Women” Social Problems

  • 2018 Harris, Jasmine L. “A Numbers Game: Black women, Hook-up Culture, and their Potential for STI Diagnosis at a Predominantly White College.” Women, Gender, & Families of Color


  • 2018 Harris, J. December 20, 2018. “How big bonuses for winning coaches became a tradition in college football.” The Conversation.

  • 2018 Cooper, J., and Jasmine Harris. November 2, 2018. “DJ Durkin’s firing won’t solve college football’s deepest problems.” The Conversation.

  • 2018 Harris, J. October 9, 2018. “It’s naïve to think college athletes have time for school.” The Conversation.

  • 2018 Harris, J. May 11, 2018. “The Emotional, Uncomfortable Classroom.” Inside Higher Education, Conditionally Accepted.

  • 2017 Harris, Jasmine. December 12, 2017. “Trending Tuesday.” Today with Dr. Kay. Baltimore Public Radio

  • 2017 Harris, Jasmine. December 8, 2017. “Gender, perception and call-out culture in sexual assault allegation.” Minnesota Public Radio News with Kerri Miller – SPECIAL EDITION.

  • 2017 Harris, J. November 17, 2017. “Surviving Institutional Racism in the Academy.” Inside Higher Education, Conditionally Accepted.

  • 2017 Harris, J. October 10, 2017. “Fenty Beauty, Dove and colorism in the cosmetics industry.” Minnesota Public Radio News with Kerri Miller. https://www.mprnews.org/listen?name=/minnesota/podcasts/kerrimiller/2017/10/10colorism_cosmetics_20171010_64.mp3 Retrieved October 13, 2017.

  • 2012 Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “This Issue of Hair,” Litt Magazine. September 7, 2012.

  • 2012 Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Why We Should Care About Gabby Douglas’ Hair,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, August 7, 2012.

  • 2010 Harris, Jasmine L. “Are You Cool?” TheSocietyPages.org. http://thesocietypages.org/teaching/2010/04/22/are-you-cool/


  • Aug. 14 – present Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Ursinus College, Courses Taught:

    • Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change (Spring 2017)

    • Sex, Gender, and the Politics of Bodies in American Society (Fall 2016, Fall 2018)

    • Contemporary Social Issues (Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017)

    • African-American Experiences (Fall 2014, Fall 2016, Fall 2018)

    • Research Methods (Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017)

    • Sociology of Sport (Fall 2015, Fall 2017)

    • Race and Ethnic Relations (Fall 2015, Fall 2017)

    • Common Intellectual Experiences (CIE) (Spring 2016, Spring 2018)

    • Senior Seminar (Spring 2018)

  • July 13 – May 14 Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology, Wake Forest University, Courses Taught:

    • Principles of Sociology (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)

    • Social Problems (Fall 2013)

    • Race and Ethnic Relations (Spring 2014)

  • Sep. 12 – May 13 Contributing Writer, Litt Magazine

  • Aug. 12 – May 13 Instructor, Sociology, Augustana College, Courses Taught:

    • Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2012, Winter 2012)

    • Men and Women in Society (Spring 213)

  • Nov. 11 – Aug. 12 Academic Director, Beyond Walls: Twin Cities Urban Squash

  • July 10 – June 12 Instructor, Sociology; Communications, Rasmussen College, Courses Taught:

    • Introduction to Sociology (Summer 2010, Fall 2011, Winter 2011, Spring 2012)

    • Introduction to Communications (Summer 2010, Spring 2012)

    • Business Communications (Spring 2012)

    • Work and Family (Spring 2012)

  • Sep. 09 – May 12 Teaching Assistant, Sociology, University of Minnesota, Courses TA’d:

    • Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2009, Spring 2010)

    • Basic Social Statistics (Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Summer 2011)

    • Race, Class, and Gender (Summer 2010)

    • Deviant Behavior (Spring 2012)

  • Sep. 11 – Dec. 11 Instructor, Sociology, University of Minnesota, Courses Taught:

    • Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2011)

  • Jan. 09 – May 09 Research Assistant, Compon Project, University of Minnesota

  • Sep. 08 – Dec. 08 Research, Assistant, Mosiac Project, University of Minnesota


2018 Crigler Bridge Program Faculty

2014 - 2016 Ursinus College Diversity Committee

2012 - 2013 Faculty Advisor, Multicultural Women’s Empowerment Group (SOUL), Augustana College

2010 - 2011 Executive Board Member, Black Graduate and Professional Students Association (BGAPSA)

2010 - 2011 Co-chair, College of Liberal Arts Delegation, Committee of Graduate Students (COGS), University of Minnesota Chapter


American Sociological Association

Eastern Sociological Society

Association of Black Sociologists