Jasmine L. Harris, Ph.D.

Ursinus College Department of Anthropology & Sociology

221 Bomberger Hall





2013   PhD Sociology, University of Minnesota

            Dissertation: The Negotiators: Black Professional Women, Success, and the Management of Competing Identities

            Committee: Phyllis Moen (advisor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair), Enid Logan, Rose Brewer (African American/African Studies Department), Amy Sheldon (Linguistics Department)

2006   M.S. Public Communications, Syracuse University

2005   B.A. Sociology (Women’s Studies minor), Vassar College


2017   PCLA/Arthur Vining Davis Teaching and Learning Award, “Learning to Map Spaces of Belonging on a Liberal Arts Campus.” $15,000

2016   U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies Faculty Innovators Grant, Ursinus College $2,500

2015   Teaching and Learning Institute Grant for Pedagogical Innovation, Ursinus College $500

2015   Teaching and Learning Institute Grant for Pedagogical Innovation, Ursinus College $

2014   Community Engagement mini-grant, Ursinus College $300

2013   Institute of Public Engagement Mini-grant, Wake Forest University $1,000

2013   ACE Fellowship Award, Institute of Public Engagement, Wake Forest University $2,500

2012   Augustana College Diversity Dissertation Fellowship $35,000

2012   University of Minnesota CLA Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP) Fellowship $10,000

2008   University of Minnesota Departmental Merit Fellowship $33,000


2018   Harris, Jasmine L. “Uncomfortable Learning, Uncomfortable Teaching: Power, Pedagogy, and White Supremacy in the Trump-era Classroom.” Presented at the Southern Sociological Society Annual Meetings, New Orleans, LA.

2017   Harris, Jasmine L. “Sex Games: Sexual Health, College Hook-Up Culture, and the Ideological Construction of Risk.” Presented at the Association of Black Sociologists Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

2017   Harris, Jasmine L. “Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Communities of Color.” U.S. Bank sponsored panel participation, Minneapolis, MN.

2016   Harris, Jasmine L. “The (Black) Professor: Double-Consciousness, Whiteface Performance, and the Academic Minstrel.” Presented in Public Administration Graduate Seminar, University of Central Florida.

2016   Harris, Jasmine L. and Talia Argondezzi. “Community Engagement in Your Course.” Presented at Teaching and Learning Institute Workshop, Ursinus College

2016   Harris, Jasmine L. “Race in America: Intersections of Poverty, Space, and Violence.” Presented at American Studies Exchange Program, Ursinus College.

2016   Harris, Jasmine L. “‘Americaness’ Abroad: How our ideas about race, class, and gender may be challenged in international cultures.” Presented at Study Abroad Prep Seminar, Ursinus College.

2015   Harris, Jasmine L., Sheryl Goodman, Akshaye Dhawan, and Giovanna Steyaert. “Uncomfortable Learning: Talking about Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in Our Classes.” Presented at Teaching and Learning Institute Workshop, Ursinus College.

2015   Harris, Jasmine L. “Sex and Consequences: Sexual Health Practices by Race and Gender at a Predominately White Liberal Arts College.” Presented in Sexualities Roundtable section at 2015 American Sociological Association Meeting, Chicago, IL.

2013   Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “On the Right Track: Black Professional Women, Cultural Tracking and Success.” Presented at Sociology Colloquium, Agnes Scott College.

2012   Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Developing Research Questions: How I Moved From Personal Interest to Dissertation Topic.” Presented at Augustana College, Research Methods Senior Inquiry.

2011   Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Who is Black: Race and Space at the University of Minnesota.” Presented at 2011 Young Black Scholars Series, University of Minnesota.

2011   Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Ethnic Tensions among Graduate Students at the University of Minnesota,” Blog Talk Radio, interviewed by Bruce Horowitz.

2010   Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “From Perversion to Pinup: How Changing Attitudes About Lesbianism Have Played Out in Advertisements.” Presented in Media Sociology section at 2010 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.



2017   Harris, J. “The (Black) Professor: Double-Consciousness, Whiteface Performance, and the Academic Minstrel” in Reflections on Academic Lives: Identities, Struggles, and Triumphs in Graduate School and Beyond, eds. Staci Zavattaro and Shannon Orr (New York: Palgrave Macmillan).

2013   Harris-LaMothe, J. (2013). On the Right Track: Black Professional Women, Cultural Tracking and Success (Doctoral Dissertation) Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.

2012   Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “This Issue of Hair,” Litt Magazine. September 7, 2012.

2012   Harris-LaMothe, Jasmine L. “Why We Should Care About Gabby Douglas’ Hair,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, August 7, 2012.

2010   Harris, Jasmine L. “Are You Cool?” TheSocietyPages.org. http://thesocietypages.org/teaching/2010/04/22/are-you-cool/

In Press

2018   Harris, J. “Uncomfortable Learning: Teaching Race through Discomfort” in Difficult Subjects: Radical Teaching in the Neoliberal University, eds. Badia Ahad and Oiyan Poon. Scheduled for release, April 2018.

Under Review

2017   Harris, Jasmine L. “Sex Games: Sexual Health, College Hook-Up Culture, and the Ideological Construction of Risk.” Social Contexts

2017   Harris, Jasmine L. “Now we’re Talking: Fictive Kinship Bonds and Code Switching during Interviews with Black Professional Women” Journal of Sociolinguistics


2017   Harris, Jasmine. December 12, 2017. “Trending Tuesday.” Today with Dr. Kay. Baltimore Public Radio

2017   Harris, Jasmine. December 8, 2017. “Gender, perception and call-out culture in sexual assault allegation.” Minnesota Public Radio News with Kerri Miller – SPECIAL EDITION.

2017   Harris, J. November 17, 2017. “Surviving Institutional Racism in the Academy.” Insider Higher Education, Conditionally Accepted.

2017   Harris, J. October 10, 2017. “Fenty Beauty, Dove and colorism in the cosmetics industry.” Minnesota Public Radio News with Kerri Miller. https://www.mprnews.org/listen?name=/minnesota/podcasts/kerri-miller/2017/10/10colorism_cosmetics_20171010_64.mp3 Retrieved October 13, 2017.


Aug. 14 – present    Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Ursinus College

Courses Taught:

  • Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change (Spring 2017)
  • Sex, Gender, and the Politics of Bodies in American Society (Fall 2016)
  •  Contemporary Social Issues (Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017)
  • African-American Experiences (Fall 2014, Fall 2016)
  • Research Methods (Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017)
  • Sociology of Sport (Fall 2015, Fall 2017)
  • Race and Ethnic Relations (Fall 2015, Fall 2017 )
  • Common Intellectual Experiences (CIE) (Spring 2016, Spring 2018)
  • Senior Seminar (Spring 2018)

July 13 – May 14      Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology, Wake Forest University

Courses Taught:

  • Principles of Sociology (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)
  • Social Problems (Fall 2013)
  • Race and Ethnic Relations (Spring 2014)

Sep. 12 – May 13     Contributing Writer, Litt Magazine

Aug. 12 – May 13     Instructor, Sociology, Augustana College

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2012, Winter 2012)
  • Men and Women in Society (Spring 213)

Nov. 11 – Aug. 12    Academic Director, Beyond Walls: Twin Cities Urban Squash

July 10 – June 12    Instructor, Sociology; Communications, Rasmussen College

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Sociology (Summer 2010, Fall 2011, Winter 2011, Spring 2012)
  • Introduction to Communications (Summer 2010, Spring 2012)
  • Business Communications (Spring 2012)
  • Work and Family (Spring 2012)

Sep. 09 – May 12     Teaching Assistant, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Courses TA’d

  • Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2009, Spring 2010)
  • Basic Social Statistics (Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Summer 2011)
  • Race, Class, and Gender (Summer 2010)
  • Deviant Behavior (Spring 2012)

Sep. 11 – Dec. 11    Instructor, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2011)

Jan. 09 – May 09      Research Assistant, Compon Project, University of Minnesota

Sep. 08 – Dec. 08    Research, Assistant, Mosiac Project, University of Minnesota


2014 - 2016   Ursinus College Diversity Committee

2012 - 2013   Faculty Advisor, Multicultural Women’s Empowerment Group (SOUL), Augustana College

2010 - 2011   Executive Board Member, Black Graduate and Professional Students Association (BGAPSA)

2010 - 2011   Co-chair, College of Liberal Arts Delegation, Committee of Graduate Students (COGS), University of Minnesota Chapter


American Sociological Association

Eastern Sociological Society

Association of Black Sociologists